22.10.2014: Supermassive Festival, opening for Shellac!

We are opening for almighty Shellac Of North America at Supermassive Festival in Helsinki on October 22. The festival takes place during five days in different clubs around Helsinki. Other bands include The Fall, Off! and Earthless among a huge pile of other spectacular bands and artists.

We are also opening for Shellac on most of their other Scandinavian dates here:

24.10.2014 Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser
26.10.2014 Trondheim, Norway @ Blæst
28.10.2014 Oslo, Norway @ Blå
29.10.2014 Gothenburg, Sweden @ Pustervik
31.10.2014 Århus, Denmark @ Voxhall
01.11.2014 Hamburg, Germany @ Kampnagel

26.02.2013: New 7" available! New t-shirts available! Kuudes Aisti festival!

The 7" and new t-shirts are available from Bandcamp. As a matter of fact, for a limited amount of time you can order them both for 20€ postpaid inside EU from here! The t-shirts are printed on good quality Anvil 420 Organic t-shirts, except for gray color which is on Anvil 779 heavy weight t-shirt.

This summer we'll be playing at Kuudes Aisti festival in Helsinki! First batch of bands announced include Negative Approach, Lydia Lunch, Sic Alps, Jennifer Herrema's new(?) band Black Bananas, loads of great Finnish bands and a bunch of local and foreign bands I've never even heard of. Looks like good times, tickets on sale now!

02.01.2013: New 7"! Shows! T-shirts!

We will be releasing our very first 7" in February. It will titled "1/3" and it's the first release in a series of three 7" set. The second and third part will follow in six month intervals or so. You can listen to the first free track Massive On Meat from the player on this page or through Bandcamp. The record is now available for pre-order and starts shipping around February 18. The record should be available in stores around that time too. It will be released through our very own Cut Half Records in Finland, Rejuvenation Records in France and Tenzenmen in Australia. Distribution in the US by Stickfigure Distribution.

We'll also be playing a bunch of shows in Finland around the release, so check out our upcoming shows. Russian dates will follow early this year and maybe some other countries in the summer.

If you want to buy stuff directly from us, do it from Bandcamp. Bandcamp requires PayPal or Credit Card, so if you don't have either contact us at and we'll sort it out somehow.

New t-shirts will be available by the time of the shows in February as well.

That's about it! Stay well.


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